Enjoy the magic of BOT-L-LITE®

Turn your water bottle into a colorful illuminating experience

BOT-L-LITE® can be used to illuminate most premium bottles of water and give it a new look. The set includes the BOT-T-LITE® device and 6 interchangeable lights in white, red, blue, yellow, pink and green to fit your mood.

This gives the flexibility to change the color for your special event like St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Breast Cancer Awareness, your school colors or company brand.

BOT-L-LITE® can go where you go and adds safety and fun to your journey. Whether walking at night or riding your bike, it illuminates your way. Your backyard BBQ or nighttime event can be brought to life with BOT-L-LITE®.

Our Products

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Includes BOT-L-LITE® device and 6 interchangeable colors

Our BOT-L-LITE® Cap can be used to light up any premium water bottle and give it a brand-new look. This interchangeable BOT-T-LITE® Cap can transform a regular bottle into an illuminating experience.

View More: https://lindsayborgphoto.pass.us/concept-2-completion
BOT-L-LITE® Sports Bottle

Includes BOT-T-LITE® wide mouth top and clear 22oz bottle with a choice of one color

Our wide mouth sports bottle is perfect for everyone. They come with the same patented BOT-T-LITE® device, and 6 interchangeable colors but in a wide mouth lid and clear bottle allowing you to have that same illuminating experience all in one. Our bottles are made of high-quality material that follows US guidelines for food contact.

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BOT-L-LITE ® Veterans Bottle

Includes BOT-T-LITE® wide mouth top, white light and clear 22oz bottle with custom Veterans label

To honor our Veterans, we have created a special addition BOT-L-LITE®. We are proud to donate 15% of the profits to the Knights of Malta where 100% will be used to provide prosthetic limbs and service dogs to vets in need. Makes a great gift! Call for large quantity pricing.

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BOT-L-LITE ® Booster Bottle

Our booster program is designed to promote school spirit while raising money for your booster program. These are perfect for night football games, band competitions or everyday school spirit. By adding a special QR code your school anthem can be embedded for additional spirit. Contact us today for fundraising opportunities. 

BOT-L-LITE ® Custom Orders

Personalize your BOT-L-LITE® with your own logo or event artwork. Minimum quantities and set up fees apply. Contact us for more information.